Hugo 5 / Hugo Classic #3 ITE Media ApS (Interactive Television Entertainment) 1997

The evil witch Hexana kidnapped Hugo's family and he has to rescue them in simple jump'n run similar games. This game contains four ported levels from the popular TV show: Level 1 Skydiving, 2 Sledding Level, 3 Climbing Level, 4 Pole run, endgame: bounce chessboard. In every playthrough, you have to beat three levels which you choose before and the endgame. Because the levels were created for a TV show where you had to control Hugo with your phone buttons, the controls are simple: Depending on the level there are just two or three buttons to press at the right time. It was later re-released in 2000 as Hugo Classic #3.
German ISO Demo 54MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2000 Hugo Classic #3 - ISO Demo 60MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Portuguese ISO Demo 688MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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