ABC Wide World of Animals Creative Wonders / ABC/EA Home Software 1995

This is the only multimedia product that features over 700 species and illuminates the relationship between animals and the planet. Identify and map animal habitats on the globe. Bring the untamed animal kingdom alive as you enter 360 degree panoramic environments that feature the sights and sounds of the animal world. Captivating video stories document animal behavior and put you face to face with cheetahs, crocodiles, toucans and other exotic creatures. You'll zoom in and out of nine 3D spinning globes and journey through the taxonomy tree to understand how animals relate to their planet and to one another. Stunning photographs and time-lapse animation sequences are made more meaningful by in-depth animal statistics and information that can be printed for reports. Designed for all ages, Wide World of Animals is a fascinating reference tool for home and school. 3D Globes - Overlay the world with an animal's distribution to see the impact terrain and natural forces such as ocean currents, climate, wind and precipitation have on animal life. Video Stories - Full-screen documentaries will enlighten and amaze with their up-close, naturalist's view of animal behavior, including parenting, cooperation and competition. Animal Trivia Game - Have fun learning about animals as you test your knowledge in this challenging trivia game the whole family will enjoy. Bioramas - Dive into over a dozen photo-realistic environments that depict a seamless 360 degree view of different ecological settings, complete with natural sounds. From the polar ice caps to the tropical rain forest, you'll see and hear the animals that inhabit them. Data Cards - Detailed information about each animal, complemented by hundreds of beautiful photographs and movies of animals in their natural setting. Links to closely related species and topics put learning in context. Time-lapse Exhibits - Explore migration patterns, continental drift and evolution to understand the impact of time and other natural forces on animal life.
ISO Demo 647MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Win 3.1 Dosbox addon for above 28MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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