Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright: America's Architect, The Byron Preiss Multimedia / Microsoft 1993

Experience Frank Lloyd Wright with a walk through three-dimensional simulations of three of his most famous buildings: the Robie House, the Ennis-Brown House and the Larkin Building, which was destroyed in 1950. Explore a richly-illustrated collection of more than 360 of Wright's most important works in architectural and decorative arts. Text from seven books allows you to research all aspects of Wright's life and work. Create your own architecture by designing with Wright styled blocks. A custom computer aided design system allows you to work with doors, windows and roofs from Wright's early "Prairies" and "Usonian" periods. Rotate, tilt and zoom in on your unique three-dimensional structure. Discover the events and influences that shaped Wright's life and work through and extraordinary chronology of more than 100 images linked to audio and video clips, vintage photographs and text.
Full ISO Demo 364mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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