Captain Safety General Insurance 1995

This is a free promotional game made by the insurance industry to teach people about how to properly handle hazardous materials and not get hurt on the job. As you can probably guess, it’s a rather easy game as the last thing you want to do in an edutainment game about safety is make it hard to actually learn about safety, particularly if it means you might have to actually pay out on a claim. That might hurt the CEO’s bonus or something. The game starts with the theft of the Lona Misa from a museum and the police call you, Captain Safety, to retrieve the valuable painting from the clutches of criminal mastermind Danny Danger, who is holed up in his castle full of dangerous materials. The game does have some brief action scenes, such as one where you don a hard hat and try to walk across the screen without getting hit on the head by falling blocks, but otherwise is your standard inventory based cartoon adventure game. Also, the game is playable in English, French or German.
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Free English/German/French Game 580kb (uploaded by roioros)

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