Hugo: Die verhexte Achterbahn [G] ITE Media ApS (Interactive Television Entertainment) 2000

The third game, The Bewitched Rollercoaster, from the Hugo-learning software series brings subjects taught to history in a fun way. Three difficulty levels offer up many challenges for age groups from 6 years. The three children of Hugo, Rit, Rat and Rut discover on a walk a fair which it is strangely silent. They go exploring and suddenly hear a noise. As they search those sounds, they find a historical roller coaster and sitting in its cars are wooden figures representing various historical persons. Buzzy, the leader of the roller coaster, says to the Hugo children that Scylla has killed the electrical supply of the fair out of service with a lightning bolt and therefore nothing works. Scylla hates when people laugh and are merry. Rit, Rat and Ruth can not be asked twice and naturally offer their help immediately. Council and Buzzy have to find different things to bring the roller coaster to life again. A total of eight puzzles are to be solved and only with the help of the player it is possible to fill the fair again with happy people.
German ISO Demo 234MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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