Violett Forever Entertainment S.A. 2013

Violett is a point-and-click adventure puzzle game set in a quirky parallel reality. A young teen girl, whose name is Violett is forced by her parents to move to an old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Being a young energetic and rebellious teenager she is, sincerely speaking, furious that she was taken from her friends and life. She imagines sitting day after day in her room, being grumpy and dying from boredom. But what she cannot imagine, is that in just few moments, she will embark on an adventure of her life. Sitting on bed, she catches a glimpse of light, a spark coming from the nearby mouse hole. Curious, she reaches inside and get's pulled into an odd and mysterious world, so similar, yet so different than ours. And now she really, needs to get back. It has a unique world inside the 'rabbit-hole'. A world full of surprises where kettles speak, frogs sing, snails cook delicious soups and telekinesis is a common skill. It features: a multitude of unique puzzles and riddles, a spooky atmosphere of mystery and uneasiness, fight the evil Spider Queen who's trying to prevent you from ever coming back, special paranormal forces to manipulate objects and bend the laws of physics, beautiful hand-painted graphics full of quirkiness and style, a beautiful parallel reality inspired by Alice in the Wonderland and more, fantastic 2,5D point-and-click adventure game. In July 20/2015, a Remastered Edition was released with graphical effects updated, redesigned and improved game mechanics, and redesigned tips system. Gamepad support has been added as well as two new areas, with new puzzles and music.
Trial Demo 135MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Remastered Edition - ISO Demo 683MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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