Ludwig ovos realtime3D GmbH 2013

2098. Mankind has left the Earth and is now living in space colonies. Ludwig, a research robot from a faraway civilisation and his spaceship are looking for forms of new energy. Unfortunately, mankind's new space colonies are not listed on his interstellar maps, which results in a fatefull crash with the physis, the biggest station with a billion inhabitants. The crash does not only tear a huge hole into the physis' protective cover, but also damages Ludwig's spaceship badly enough for him to lose control of it and crashland on planet Earth. Now it's a race against time. Will Ludwig succeed and get his spaceship going in time to save the physis? Explore the area where the spaceship crashed or an enormous dam, travel by balloon through the snow and ice or cross an almost endless desert. There's so much to discover. Find the weirdest components and construction plans. Use them to develop practical new gadgets to supply Ludwig with energy. Discover physical phenomenons and analyse them in order to reveal the laws of physics and solve the tricky puzzles in the game. thrilling storyline arching over 4 unique environments more than 8 hours of gameplay developed with physics-teachers, pupils and educators - 100% curiculum based comes along with didactic materials for school useage.
Full Demo v1.0.5016.23920 287MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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