Life Goes On Infinite Monkeys 2014

In this comically morbid puzzle platformer, players send a series of bumbling knights through a trap-ridden gauntlet on an epic quest for mysterious treasure. The knights must be sacrificed one by one to solve the ghastly puzzles that protect this coveted prize. Discover monsters that linger in the depths and hunger for the satisfying crunch of a soon-to-be former champion. Using a funny and cartoonish style Life Goes On gives players a fresh look at life and death through puzzles and challenges that can only be overcome through the knights' own selfless demise. Solve a series of challenging puzzles through the brave sacrifices of your noble champions. Explore a dangerous world filled with traps. Discover hidden monsters lurking in the depths and a beautiful world filled with wonder.
Level Demo 4 38MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Multi12 Full Demo 248MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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