Jazzpunk Necrophone Games 2014

This is a comedy adventure game set in an alternate-reality Cold War World, plagued with Corporate Espionage, CyberCrime and Sentient Martinis. Gameplay is inspired by spoof comedy films and cartoons of yester-year (EG: Naked Gun, Airplane!, Hot Shots Part Deux, etc.) with a focus on weird gadgets, exotic locales and open-world style exploration, rather than brain-straining physics puzzles or a kills-per-minute gorefests. Features: Stereographic Polygony Soundeo, NOW IN COLOURVISON; A cast of over 360,000 polygons, working in concert; For the first time ever, the human voice captured and preserved in CryoSonic; Stasis, thawed before your very ears during NPC exchanges (voice acting); Original soundtrack featuring exotic percussion and homemade analog electronic instruments. In Jun/2017, a Director's Cut was released with an extended local multiplayer mode and a ton of additional story/joke content not found in the original game.

See also: #Jazzpunk: Flavour Nexus DLC

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ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Video Review
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.4 + Patch v2.0.4.8 449+13MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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