In Vacanza Con Sylvia [It] Colors Arti Multimediali / Glenat 1997

This was sol in Italian newsstands with the first issue of 'K-GAMES', released in April 1997. Sylvia was a created character who wrote in the magazine and was sent to her a mountain of letters. In short, a girl, pretty and probably quite knowledgeable, in a very nerdy world, was a magnet for correspondence readers. From time to time, the various editors of Sylvia wrote the answers to the various readers. This game, a simple adventure game based on the dialogues of characters (ie not simply based on '"tree" dialogue, but built on the basis of various parameters and weights associated with the various sentences) in which you were on a tropical island, included a flood of pictures made ​​on purpose in Thailand where all paths of the island were played step-by-step. On this island as well as several tourists, there were three friends, three beautiful girls of very different characters, and with whom we got in touch - Sylvia, another friend who was more intellectual, and the other more physical (a cougar.) The objective of the game is to be able to 'catch' Sylvia and be together. Until the surprise finale. The three girls, are not stereotyped chicks, but complex characters and strong (and totally allergic to the macho-man). In short, you need a good mix of intelligence, wit, and sympathy, to be able to get into the good graces of the beautiful Sylvia, created in the image and likeness of Alicia Silverstone (the ubiquitous girl in the Aerosmith video.) In 2010, it was made freeware by the developer.
Italian ISO Demo & Manual 147MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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