Archie Burrell: Case Hotel Imperial [Ru] Russobit-M 2000

Richly animated by hand comic book characters, iconic music in the style of classic swing creates a lyrical atmosphere of the "good old days". Chaplin on the screens, gangsters with wide-brimmed hats, brown shoes with white capes, tango, stylish cars and looks from under half-closed eyes. Action of game occurs in America, in legendary times of butlers and gangsters, in the very time when the Italian word "mafia" was a synonym for the word "family". You, as a private detective, are supposed to carry out surveillance of an unfaithful wife of a "tough guy." Together with our brave detective (a very funny guy), a demonic group starts pestering you, you will entice a rich girl (which, of course, we should not resist), underfoot is a forever frightened purple guy with his marijuana, and in addition to the local prostitute who wants to poison you. The game is full of humor and erotic scenes: You have a good laugh, enjoy beautiful interiors, attractive girls, cheerful company, a bit of mystique and demonic events - what more do you need for a good time?
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Russian ISO Demo 668MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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