Droiyan II: Absolute Monarch [K] KRGsoft 2000

This is a sequel to Icarus: Sanctuary Of The Gods that never came out in English. A retired member of the military becomes the protagonist of the game. In search of adventure, he travels around the globe and cities where the dungeons and towers teem with all sorts of monsters. Heroic adventures await at every turn. You must develop your skills. Some major events will occur only when players reach the desired level. Insurgent forces GOD troops captured Princess Lend (Lendia). The main mission - is to infiltrate the GOD rebels, release the Lendu and destroy all the GOD troops. It has more than 15 mins of 3D video, 2000 sound effects of cinematic quality (600Mb), 29 kinds of futuristic weapons, Psion futuristic magic system based on GURPS, and real weather effects.
Korean Full Demo 785MB (uploaded by annoyment)
Russian 3CD ISO Demo 985MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Spanish 3CD ISO Demo 1.04GB (uploaded by Abandonsocios)

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