Aoki Uru Combat Flight Simulator Plane And Mission Module, The [J] Gainax 2000

This is an addon module for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. Fans have been waiting for years for Aoki Uru, Yamaga Hiroyuki's next project. It will add an original mission and add eight aircraft to the main software. Aircraft were designed by seven anime artists: The Dragonfly, by Ootomo Katsuhiro (AKIRA, Memories); The Foghorn, by Kobayashi Makoto (Mechanical Designer on Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta, Earth Defense Force, Ltd.); The Xylophone, by Kobayashi Makoto; The Windmill, by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki (Character Designer On Neon Genesis Evangelion, FuriKuri); The Seagull, by Shirow Masamune (creator of Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell); The Lock, by Miyatake Kazuki (mechanical designer on Top o Nerae!); The Rainbow, by Mikuriya Satomi (author of the Nora Gekiga Series); Pippe the Seeker, by Yokoyama Kou (mechanical designer on SF3D and Carnage Heart). The game also includes eight original missions for you to test your dogfighting technique--one-on-one, formation flying, air-to-ground attacks, attacking a flying aircraft carrier, it's all here, and it's all set in the world of Aoki Uru. You'll also want to take notice of the detailed landscape. There's also a duel to the death mission, which will really give you a taste of what dogfighting is all about. It included a disc and booklet. Cels are also recorded in the CD-ROM, you can see its original design and each aircraft there. You can also examine the aircraft in detailed 3-D renderings, allowing you to view them at any angle.
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