Kaos (cancelled) Millenium Group 1995

Kaos is a freeware Wolfenstein 3D clone game created by Italian developers Massimiliano Teso, Domenico Valentini e Andrea Fiorentini. They tried to sell it, but the old graphics in contrast with the better graphics in Doom or Quake didn't help in their quest. So, they abandoned the project. In 2004, they decided to publish it (for free) for the Italian magazine "The Games Machine". The game is in a Beta/Pre-relase state (it has only 3 levels, but is perfectly playable, even in "three players" mode). The download also has the source code of the game, and the various resources used by the developers (graphics, sounds and texts).
Freeware Game + Source Code + extras 3MB (uploaded by Sarrus95)

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