H1Z1: Just Survive Daybreak Games 2015

Early Access Release Similar to DayZ , H1Z1 is an MMOFPS that can also play in third person view and built on the ForgeLight engine. A virus called H1Z1 spread on Earth, transforming a large part of the population into zombies. You are a survivor on servers that can accommodate thousands of players. You will attempt to survive both the zombies and other survivors. It's set 15 years after the breakout of a viral apocalypse. Plonking players down in Middle America, it offers plenty of freedom, with a deeper crafting system than competing titles, with vehicles and aircraft on offer. There are no classes or restrictions on what you do – besides those that emerge from gameplay, as you negotiate the perils of wild animals, infected and of course, other players. Players can form "roaming gangs" and build fortresses armed with automated weapons, or live quietly in the countryside, farming resources and trading with said roaming gangs – for protection from bandits as well as the goods produced in the player-driven economy. Because there will be multiple, persistent servers, players can leave permanent marks on the world, as in EverQuest Next. On Feb 16/2016, the game split in half with H1Z1: Just Survive doing that sandbox survival stuff while H1Z1: King of the Kill will focus on man vs. man arena murdertimes, like its Battle Royale mode. Folks who’ve paid for H1Z1 in Early Access before the split on February 16, 2016 will receive both, but they'll cost $19.99 each afterwards (still in Early Access). The game will shut down on Oct 24/2018.
Download: None currently available

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