Delta Force 4: Black Hawk Down NovaLogic 2003

In this fourth game in the Delta Force series, the Somalia intervention by the UN is the focus and is related to the same book & movie's real-life events. Black Hawk Down (a phrase meaning that a Black Hawk (helicopter) was shot down) involves (like the other Delta Force games) interesting and diverse missions. Who saves games often get point deductions. Most missions involve several order points. There are house fights in Mogadishu and other places, however, also fights from outside of town. One fights often on the side of other US soldiers that encounter problems. The game contains very realistic fire and explosion effects, as well as an impressive night view procedure. With the infra-red binoculars moving about in Mogadishu in secret is an impressive feeling. Almost half of the game describes the mission also shown in the film in Mogadishu which became the fiasco. In the end there is one more extra mission which plays some years later.

All together this is clearly the best part the Delta Force series which is able to convey very realistic graphics (with uptodate hardware presumed). Unfortunately, the game is played through rather fast, however, during that time it plays quite well.

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Single/Multiplayer Demo v0.0.7 ~132MB ( @ FileFront)
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Full Demo+Menu Music ~175MB+9MB / Intro ~87MB / Outro ~77MB / Cutscenes ~76MB / Update v1.505 ~16MB Music ~91MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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Fan-Made Maps
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included in Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Gold Pack (2005) 2CD ISO Demo 965MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Platinum Pack - GOG Digital ISO Demo v1.5.0 (10720) 700MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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