Time Ramesside / New Reckoning, A Panzer Gaming Studios 2014

Early Access, Full Release Date: May 1/2015 This is an Action-Horror FPS using the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver a true Next-Gen Zombie Experience. Play with Innovative Mechanics such as Blood Projections to Psychically decimate foes with powers such as Telekinesis and Blender. Be warned for it's cost for health can lead you to a quicker death. Take dismembered zombified limbs to modify your Guns and Melee Weapons, adding another element to item customization. Featuring an Original Story, A New Reckoning will distinguish itself from the traditional Zombie Stories and their mythos. Mark Faraoh, an amnesiac prisoner, awakens as zombie manifestations break into his cell to devour him. After butchering them, Mark is eerily guided out of the prison by a glowing mist believing the two are kin. Escaping the prison reveals a fate worse than solitary confinement as the land is devoid of human life while the never-ending undead mercilessly consume everything in their place. After players kill zombies or giants, they can create their own Archdead for offline and online play in all modes. Parts are collected from the Main Campaign, Devourable from other Players and can be Purchased. Players can explore the completed campaign in a specialized New Game Z+ as their created Archdead as Canon in the Main Plot. Players to use Psychic-like skills such as Telekinesis to grab or push foes to you and for Teleporting using Violence and Health as opposed to Magic. Coupled with certain weapons and play-styles offers a variety a way of destroying the undead foes. Be wary, as abuse of this can lead to your death as powerful it is to crush your foes. More so, there are learnable alterations of each Blood Projection.
Full Demo - Build 20150801 3.25GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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