Dark Raid Vector Games 2014

Dark Raid is a new concept of mixing good old-school FPS game styles and new generation UDK graphics and gameplay. Also it has unique old-school futuristic designs. Players assume the role of a Droid named Muddy who is a worker machine in hi-tech research and defense cruiser S.W.A.N. but with a small discovery in the silence of the deep space, S.W.A.N receives a message from an unknown source and than everything goes crazy, that's when players takes control of our heroic character Muddy, also players will reveal an amazing secret about the Muddy, as the story goes on, players will be experiencing memorable space adventure. It features: 7 different types of weapons, 7 different types of enemies, old-school boss fights, platform and basic response puzzles, heavy combat action scenes, catchy story line, and it gives you the experience of Sci-Fi battle even thriller. It has two main game modes - with the Single-Player mode, players will be experiencing an unique deep space action story. In the Multi-Player mode, players can choose different game modes such as Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag and experience one of the fastest action combats in between modern FPS games.
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ISO Demo 2.41GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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