Ghostship Aftermath MAGStudios 2014

This is the first of a new breed of Survival horror, a movie-style survival Free-Roaming horror adventure. Be prepared for anything to happen on the Ghostship. If you liked movies like Event horizon, Aliens, The Thing, Pandorum & Deep Rising then this is the game for you. Ghostship is set almost 350 years in the future within the CDF universe (Colonial Defense Force). You are one of a two manned team - ASET (Advance Scientific Evaluation Team) Who have been sent in as a primary evaluation team to investigate a possible infection. As a two manned team you must venture into the Icarus system where all communications have been lost for almost 2 weeks. The CDF Goliath is a war ship (Dreadnought Class) which has been sent to investigate the loss of comms with the Icarus system, she is now presumed a Ghostship. As you find out what happened on board the CDF Goliath, a new story-line will emerge, one for your own survival! It features a huge focus on Atmosphere, Sound and story-line as well as game-play; a huge free roaming environment - Spaceship, space station and colony base; multiple story-lines and random events to make every new game as good as the first; various enemy types - Aliens, Zombies, Mutants, ghosts, Humans and AI; real physics and zero-g physics; oxygen - You start with 1 hour and 40 mins - sounds like a long time but when sprinting you use it up 4 times quicker, so find more to survive; many of your actions will be a deciding factor in your game; native Oculus Rift & 3d game - also available on normal a monitor (using middle-mouse hold to look around your helmet); epic immersion with the helmet, its functions and the whole game being played from a first person view; scavenge a variety of weapons, ammo is very rare so don't be afraid to run!
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ISO Demo 5.45GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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