Starscape Moonpod 2003

A space research station (The Aegis) tests a new drive system: 'the dimension drive'. Something goes wrong, and the Aegis is warped into the 'grid dimension', where an evil race of beings wipes out most of the crew. You take the role of the last fighter pilot defending the Aegis. It's a top down 2D shooter. Whilst defending the Aegis from attack, you have to mine asteroids and collect resources from them. These resources can be used to research and build new technology. The Aegis can also be called to your position, and upgraded with laser turrets. When you have mined all the resources in a node (a game level several screens wide and high) you can dock with the Aegis and warp to another node. You must also continually search for survivors (that can be put to use researching equipment), and information that might help you escape from the grid dimension. There are 5 zones in the game each containing on average 25 nodes. Each zone also has a unique boss that must be defeated to unlock the next zone, and new enemy craft.
Multiplayer Full Demo v2.3 37MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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