Under Stellar 2, The STUDiO B-ROOM 2000

Another mech game where you happen to be a mech that transforms into a jet. This one is a shmup, though. The mecha form has a wide spread and can aim around 360 degrees. The jet mode is faster and its firepower is greater, the laser also penetrates across the whole screen, but it can only shoot straight forward. This started out as a minigame on the Gunners Broom DVD in 2000 and the final update came in 2003. 2 Minute Mode is unlocked by destroying the end boss in 4 Minute Mode. The missile stock at the bottom right builds the longer you hold down fire. Both Z and C seem to fire, and X changes you from ship into mecha, and V releases all missiles at once. Tapping shot also releases missiles, as does transforming. You can change the mecha's direction of fire by not firing whilst using the directional controls. Score 80,000 points in 2 minutes or 120,000 points in 4 minutes to unlock EXTRA mode. Ship and laser colours - Enter the following names in Name Entry to change the colours of the Gimlet and it's laser: CREA (Brown/ Blue), AISHA (Yellow/Yellow), LEASE (Green/Green), REN (Purple/Black), CAROL (Red/Red), MAY (Red/Red), SMITH (Black/Purple), EMIT (Blue/Brown), LIZA (Yellow/Yellow).
Free Game 46MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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