Doom (: Evil Unleashed) ID Software 1993

Doom made an impact. In the USA it made headlines because of the success of Wolfenstein 3D, while in Germany the previews were spare since the predecessor Wolfenstein only was quietly successful. Those who played the predecessor and only had a 386 system or a slower 486 system did not have much fun with it, since it required relatively new hardware. They had to deal with low resolution graphics and that made it difficult even to determine what was an enemy and what not. But after some time when the player got to know the game, it entertained the player a lot. Lots of light- and shadow effects made Doom much more realistic than Wolfenstein, and the fully texturised levels were made really well and was enhanced by the height levels a lot, which was completely new. The story (even if it is completely negligible for the game): On the two moons of Mars , Phobos and Deimos, scientist teams are working on a teleport project where you can beam yourself from one point to another within a moment. The first tests are failing and contact to the station breaks up. A group of marines is sent to see after the situation - and is attacked. After that it is the player's turn to clear the situation, at first armed with only fists and a pistol. The weapons like the gatling, the plasma-cannon and the BFG (Big Fucking Gun), as well as the chainsaw and the legendary pump action gun are classics today. The players were able to have multiplayer fun at low cost using a null modem cable. You were able to play DOOM together in cooperative mode or in deathmatch mode, fighting against each other. Because some of the games source code was released shortly after the game, new tools appeared fast which simplified the multiplayer configuration and made it possible to create and add new levels to the game. Lots of homebrewed new levels were made - at first mostly just modified levels, later completely new episodes and even total conversions with new graphics and sounds. Doom was published as shareware. You were able to play the first of 3 episodes, and could buy the complete game only from ID software directly, but soon it was sold by retailers (illegaly, most of the time). Anyway, DOOM made a record as the most-copied game in history. Everybody talked about it, and who talked about it probably owned it too. With Doom, PC games got much more known, but got the reputation to be dull, brutal and vulgar. Doom was sort of simple-minded, of course. There were no serious quests. You just had to find key cards and skulls which opened doors and so on. No real thinking was required. Doom was made to entertain in a simple way. It was fun without much complexity (as long as you had no problem with adult rated content like blood etc. and did not see the monsters as creatures similar to human beings. And so was born the modern multiplayer FPS and it succeeded!

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2 month alpha / 4 month alpha / 5 month alpha / press-release beta / shareware versions ( @
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First Episode in Flash ( @ Newgrounds)
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Total Conversions & Source Ports
Mod News
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Full Demo ( @ Juego Viejo)
How to run on WinXP
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Fan Levels/Mods
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Patches - v1.666 to 1.9, Doom v1.9 to Ultimate Doom v1.9 ~2MB (uploaded by bullthorn)
Doom v1.1 Shareware Floppy Image ~2MB (uploaded by Maraakate)
Doom 1.1 Registered Floppies ~5MB Doom 1.2 Registered Floppies ~5MB (uploaded by Dis)
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The id Anthology 4CD ISO Demo MAC version included in CD4 : Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom. (upload by Scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Java Shareware Demo v1.9 2.5MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
Floppy Disk Images v1.1 & v1.2 ISO Demo 5MB/5MB (uploaded by Maraakate)
Shareware Level Demo contained in Creative Modem Blaster ISO Demo 50MB (uploaded by mklgw1985)
Doom 1.1, 1.2 Floppy Disks ISO Demos + Ports, Patches, Addons, Wads, Soudntrack, Docs, Misc & mirrors of cd level packs 5MB/5MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
included in VFX1 Headgear Utilities and Bonus Software CD-ROM ISO Demo 453MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Doom95 v3.0 - Full Demo included in iD Software: The 90's Collection 653MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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