Bomb: Who Let The Dogfight? La Moustache Studio 2014

Early Access, Full Release: Aug 1/2015 This is a pure dogfighting game, mixing elements of both arcade and simulation, easy to handle while providing convincing flight dynamics. Forget all serious WW2 aircraft games and take part of an epic adventure in an unique world: fly heavily armed aircrafts and fight air pirates, destroy ships, tanks, and even zeppelins! It's first of all a game made for Fun. Fight against your friends in dogfight, team dogfight and race multi-player modes, with up to 16 players. It's an epic adventure with over 17 missions, 3 different environments: desert, fjords and pacific atolls; Multiplayer modes - deathmatch, team deathmatch, race, and more to come; Joystick focused gameplay, but playing with a gamepad is fine too. Modding tools will be provided soon after release.
Full Demo 325MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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