Bedlam RedBedlam Ltd. / Standfast Interactive, KISS ltd 2014

Early Access, Full Release: Oct 13/2015 This is a first-person shooter based on a novel of the same name by award winning British author Christopher Brookmyre. It's a shooter for those who survived online gaming in the 80′s and 90′s, Bedlam takes a look through an iconic time in online gaming and serves up some authentic gaming nostalgia with up-to-date graphics and gaming features. Bedlam is set entirely in the first-person but will explore other game genres from a first-person perspective. From arcade platformer classics to modern RTS and shooter environments, all from a first person perspective and with a smattering of Brookmyre’s trademark dark humor. In the game you play Heather Quinn (aka Athena) a colleague of Ross Baker (aka Bedlam). Ross is an overworked and underpaid scientist developing medical technology for corporate giant Neurosphere. Players will take on the role of Heather, a programmer at medical scanning developer Neurosphere who finds herself transported into the world of Starfire: a nineties FPS she remembers from her teen years. Searching for an explanation and a way home, she ventures beyond Starfire to discover a vast realm of interconnected game worlds documenting the evolution of the FPS genre and of video games in general.
2015 ISO Demo 1.88GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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