Falling Sun, The LonePlanetstudios 2014

Early Access Release This is a horror game set in an environment that games haven't really been in the past. The game itself is a first person shooter made with Unity engine which makes the player permanently take note of what's going on around them because something may happen, it could be nothing but on the other hand it could be something out to get you. The game is always playing with your senses and making you paranoid and confused as to when the next attack may come and is all together a very scary experience. The story is based in post WW2 Burma and the Player takes up the role of a young officer sent to find out what happened to an armored column sent to destroy one of the few remaining pockets of Japanese resistance who refuse to accept defeat. But when you arrive you will find that everything isn't as it should be as you try to piece together what happened there.
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Act 1 - Full Demo 291MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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