DroneZ Zetha gameZ 2001

The hackers' battles in cyberspace are visualized in this platform/action game similar to the Tron discs arcade game. With the help of a hacker, viewed as an "interference" from the real world, the player leads an intruder into enemy systems that are represented by a solid 3D environment full of protections represented by enemy characters and huge final bosses. For operating weapons and sustaining shields, the player uses ZNRG taking the form of fantastic weapons and incredible force fields. The importance of the time factor, the diversity of the situations, the never-before-seen freedom of aiming, the attack/defense balance of ZNRG, and the trickiness of the rebounds make the gameplay addictive without making it complex to learn. Action takes place in the V-Space, a virtual environment where ideal "memory locations" are perceived as platforms. Many enemies are to be faced in this environment, and the player must not always destroy them all to accomplish the task (which can be finding an exit as well as destroying a system or solve a puzzle or any of many others). A version of DroneZ was only distributed in bundle with many GeForce-based videoboards and Pentium4-based computers.
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Non-Interactive Benchmark /Rolling Demo ~62Mb ( @ Hardware Upgrade)
Full Demo 132Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 294MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 121MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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