Nether Arena Nether Productions LLC 2014

This is a DLC expansion to Nether where players fight to be the last player left alive through the means of survival and elimination. Up to 16 players can battle it out as each player will start off with only a can gun and a crowbar. Players will have to gain additional resources through exploration and taking down a nether or player that gets in your way. Can you use your survival and marksman skills to be the last man standing? The DLC will be free to those who have purchased Believer and Chosen packages. $2.99 for Watcher owners, and included with any new purchase of Nether at Full Price. Duke it out with others in 4 new maps offering smaller isolated areas for a more fast pace setting. Items are spawned in different locations at the beginning of every match creating a unique match experience each game. Continue to gain experience for your account level as all experience gained from Nether Arena is awarded to your account for every match played. All account level bonuses can be used in Nether Arena to give the player a slight advantage but will still have to use quick decision making skills in order to survive. Rewards are handed out at the end of each match to the Last Man Standing as well as three additional players who've performed well during the match. All rewards are stored in the player Global Inventory and can be used in the regular game mode. Can you remain the last man standing and claim your prize?
Download: None currently available

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