Body Changer, The TheShortAndTheTall 2014

Early Access, Full Release Date: Oct 15/2015 This is a single player metroidvania game with cooperative gameplay, set in space on a blocked water storage station. Find out what's going on by taking control of distinct characters and change between them whenever you want. Blast and slash the enemies, take care of your team health and avoid connection interference. You are the last hope. Find and take control of distinct SynBs, alien clones made of flesh with cyborg implants. Explore and solve puzzles for finding and activating the purifiers for the water supply. Learn the different types of waters and their effects on the characters. Find and use different weapons to destroy all the enemies and take advantage of melee attacks on dazed opponents. Amazing colorful 3D graphic with cartoon shader in very distinct 3D art style. Original interact system with elements by aiming with weapons or device called the Activator.
ISO Demo 204MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Beta Level Demo v0.9.1 141MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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