Enter The Matrix Atari / Shiny Entertainment 2003

In the hype around the Matrix films (2 and 3, as well as the Animatrix), the game Enter The Matrix also takes place. It is developed by Shiny Entertainment which presented high-quality games in the past like MDK and its continuation, as well as Messiah and Sacrifice which were, nevertheless, all no big success. Enter The Matrix further explains the events in the final 2 Matrix films: however, some of the events in Matrix Reloaded take place at the same time. You take over the role of Ghost or Niobe who also both appear in the film. Depending on which of the roles you take over, the possibilities differ. As Ghost, you have much stronger weapons at your disposal, while Niobe possesses more quickness and skill. You are supported in each case by the Operator Sparks who discusses mission plans and informs you of any changes. However, the graphics offered are somewhat a disappointment and never rise to the excellence of better games (apart from some very successful animations of the game figures). The camera work (the game is played in third-person view from behind), does not follow everybody smoothly. Also the same level design and the tasks recur (in variations) often. The opponents (police forces, agents and more), offer no special intelligence. The story is told in video sequences which were filmed in parallel to the film with the original actors (the 2-figure budget can thus be explained also). The bullet time is also integrated, allowing super jumps and special-moves. Altogether Enter The matrix is a disappointment (and for me also the second film). The budget has flowed very much into the cutscenes and a lot of it is simplistic (compared to the film). Indeed the game shot to number 1 on the sales charts, but quickly sunk and provides proof that Shiny has lost its status as a top developer. Even cucumbers can sell well with the right marketing.
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Full Demo & Rip Update Enabler ~267MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
4CD ISO Demo ~2.61GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
DVD ISO Demo 2.46GB (uploaded by som1)
4CD ISO Demo 2.79GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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