Sky Rogue Nihilocrat 2013

Early Access Release, Full Release Date: Aug 24/2017 Sky Rogue is a fun roguelike flight sim with a wonderful low poly visual style, arcade handling and an infinite number of procedurally generated islands to soar and shoot your way through. It has a great selection of unlockable weaponry and aircraft. It's easy to play, and your planes are maneuvering well, making aerial dogfights and air to ground based combat a joy to take part in. You'll have to be careful in the skies though, in typical roguelike fashion, there are no lives or checkpoints, when you die it's game over (although you do keep currency and unlocks). It's great fun blasting your way through the skies of Sky Rogue, with its vibrant visuals and awesome soundtrack – a feel good flight sim with a cool retro vibe.
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Alpha 21 Demo 23.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo v1.1.3 127MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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