Marathon [MAC] Bungie Software Products Corporation 1994

A security guard was accompanying a group of space colonists on their trip on the huge space ship, the Marathon. Suddenly, aliens of the Pfhor race attack the ship and massacre the colonists. What's worse, the aliens damage the omniscient super-computers on Marathon. One of them is heavily damaged, and the other becomes insane. Caught in the midst of the battle between the two AIs, trying to stay alive in the onslaught of the Pfhor, the protagonist begins a desperate fight for survival. Marathon is a first-person shooter exclusive to MAC, notable for pioneering the "free look" feature (moving the camera in all directions with the mouse). There are a variety of weapons that serve the hero in battle. Different types of enemies (organic or mechanical) take different amounts of damage depending on the weapon. The protagonist is also able to fire from two weapons (such as pistols) simultaneously. Shooting enemies is not the only thing to do in the game; it is possible to communicate with the damaged AIs of the ship by looking at messages they send you via computers. The story is unraveled primarily through those messages. It's a first-person shooter puzzle game with Doom-like graphics, set in a scifi universe dominated by deviant computer AIs and (unlike Doom or Quake). Marathon was ahead of its time, having an immersive plot ran through the series of games. The engine sports an impressive physics model that allowed grenades to arc through the air and the player to waft gently across wide crevices in low-grav maps (revolutionary, as Quake wasn't released for another year and a half). The mod (called scenarios) community was so active that Bungie, the game's makers, sat up and took notice, releasing professional tools publicly so that the users could create their worlds with even greater ease. Bungie Software later went on to make the super popular Halo series for XBox.
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MAC Full Demo (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)
MAC Beta Version (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)
MAC ISO Demo (provided by Alex & upped by Scaryfun) 165MB
PC Source Port & Total Conversions
included in Bungie MAC Action Sack - MAC ISO Demo 293MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in: Marathon Trilogy - MAC 2CD ISO Demo 656MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Marathon Trilogy - MAC 2CD ISO Demo including Definitive Map Collection 644+647MB (uploaded by ishfi)
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