4089: Ghost Within Phr00t's Software 2014

Sneak & battle your way through a procedurally generated mothership in this stealth action RPG. It supports user content & the Oculus Rift. 4089 takes many of the things you loved from 3079 & 3089, like character customization via stat points, grappling hooks, special powers, building options, futuristic settings, random enemies, weapons, and environments. Then, it presents itself in a much more focused game that gets you into the action easier and faster. It takes more influence from the roguelike genre & has more emphasis on stealthy elements than ever before. You'll be able to battle & sneak through a procedurally designed ship. Hack cameras & locked doors. Build walls for cover. Break down secret walls to discover new paths. Choose whether you are playing for the full adventure, or just a quick challenge. Edit or create your own rooms, enemies, weapons, textures, models & sounds, then share them with the world. Also, find out how the worlds of 3079 & 3089 connect in this sequel and decide what to do with the all powerful Overlord.
Full Demo 182MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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