Su-27: The Ultimate Argument Campaign Eagle Dynamics / The Fighter Collection 2015

This campaign requires DCS World along with either DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 or Su-27 for DCS World. It's the storyline campaign for a Russian Air Force pilot flying the Su-27 fighter aircraft in the Digital Combat Simulator. The campaign is based on a fictional Caucasus conflict scenario, into which border states of the region got involved. Throughout the included 20 missions you will encounter intense air combat, to escort and protect your aircraft, combat air patrols, ground strikes, search for enemy in mountains and gorges, fly day and night. It features: 20 storyline missions for a single player, more than 300 triggers that provide an create interactive environment, 126 voice-overs in the campaign missions, briefing art with maps, Russian and English localizations (voice-overs are recorded in Russian; in the English localization the voices are provided with English subtitles).
Download: None currently available

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