QP Shooting: Dangerous!! From Orange_Juice / Fruitbat Factory 2014

This is a 2D vertically scrolling shooter in danmaku/bullet hell style and it is a continuation of the doujin game QP Shooting. The player controls QP, a dog girl who loves pudding and all pudding appears to be gone. The gameplay is typical for the danmaku/bullet hell genre, but the game has a distinct 'options' system. QP has very helpful rabbits ("Rbit") and can use them in various formations. The game has 28 formations for rabbits, but the majority must be unlocked first. The game has five stages and four difficulty levels. There are two game mode: Arcade (the game is over after losing all lives) and Conquest (with saves). Each stage has a boss and all bosses have unique moves.
Full Demo 284MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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