Alien: Isolation - Lost Contact DLC Creative Assembly / SEGA 2015

This fourth add-on content pack for Alien: Isolation ofr $8 returns to the epic Salvage Mode. Trapped in deep space on board Sevastopol, you'll need to explore the station to complete objectives and survive. Can you evade your enemies across ten waves of challenges, or will you take them head-on? The second all new Salvage Mode map, featuring the Lorenz Private Wards and the Emergency Power Plant. Play as fan-favourite Axel and equip yourself with the Revolver and Boltgun. Try to survive encounters with Working Joes, other humans and the terrifying Alien itself.
included in Alien Isolation - Repack Full Demo v1.0/Update 9 + DLCs 9.28GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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