Splatter: Just Harder Times Dreamworlds 2013

Fight loads of zombies and monsters, use flares to scare off enemies and light up the dark, experience a film-noir story, battle awesome boss monsters and play with your friends in local Multiplayer game modes. It's an oldschool top-down shooter with unique light/shadow gameplay mechanics. Challenging fights with zombies, imps, cyborgs, bugs and some really big ass monsters. Flares to scare off the monsters and light up the way. Film-noir story mode with over 13 levels with boss battles, vehicle sequences, side missions and lots of secrets. Weapons upgradeable by 4 levels, gaining new abilities in the process. Arcade highscore game modes to compete for online leaderboards. Local Multiplayer: Deathmatch for up to 4 players on one computer. Local Multiplayer: Coop Survival against ever-growing hordes of enemies. Full controller support, support for multiple mice and keyboards. And last but not least: lots of Splatter in the process.

See also: Splatter: Blood Red Edition

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Multi2 Full Demo v1.1 130MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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