Skrap (cancelled) Neuronware Entertainment 1997

A post-industrial wasteland. Evil corporations have completely taken over the world. You are a member of a group of rebels who have recently stolen two pieces of state-of-the-art tech that may very well be the keys to toppling this inhuman regime: a mobile weapon/vehicle factory and a helicopter. You play as the pilot of the helicopter. You have a Vulcan cannon machine gun and rockets which you could upgrade to particle cannons later on. You could command the factory to produce tanks by pressing '1'. The tanks were fairly weak but they were cheap and could fire at both air and ground targets. Pressing '2' produced monster truck looking cars that cost more and could only fire at ground targets but had sturdier armor. Pressing '0' commanded the factory to send out a fuel truck that served as a suicide bomb. Your base started at one end of a winding road and at the other was an enemy base. The enemy base periodically sends out tanks and occasionally a helicopter. You simply had to blow up the enemy base. The enemy tanks and choppers are always stronger than yours so you have to play escort and/or advance scout. Once you all make it to the enemy base the tanks sit there, shooting anyone that comes out. The tanks and your chopper don't have enough firepower to destroy the base by yourselves. For that you have to decide when to send a fuel truck. It drives all the way up the winding road and into the gaping black entrance of the base and blows up. Level Clear!!! On the other hand, there's a zeppelin that circles every level with a trailing advertisement like the Goodyear blimp. If you shot it down at the right time, the blimp would descend and explode on the base serving as a substitute fuel truck! Only a demo was produced as the full game was never released.
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