Strafe Pixel Titans 2017

This is a unique single-player 3D action experience where the player can pick up a gun and shoot hordes of things in the face. Auto-generating levels of pure mayhem constantly change up the carnage! There are BILLIONS of experiences to be had with crazy secrets to find! We give you the levels, you paint them red. It's your yearly scrapping mission, but this year is different. Your humble scout ship has been recruited to join the massive spacecraft ICARUS. They plan to head to far edge of the galaxy, to a remote sector where other scrappers have not yet dared to venture. The rewards could be unimaginable. But so are the risks. It may be unexplored space, but it's a gamble you know you must take. You lost. You return from a run empty handed, but worse, ICARUS is no where to be found. You check your coordinates. You try the coms. No answer from your comrades on ICARUS. Yet their teleporter appears in-range and responsive. So you grab a gun "just in case" and teleport onto ICARUS. What could go wrong? Everything goes wrong. Prepare for hours of uninterrupted chaos that won't stop for storylines or anything short of a melted CPU. Millennium Edition is a free update with new modes of play - tailored for Steam only - which add daily challenges (STRAFEZONE) and weekly (SPEEDZONE); the possibility of saving runs; a greater variety of ICARUS-level areas; new enemies; an itinerant merchant; 20 changes to unlock rules to remind you of your best parts of GoldenEye 007.
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Pre-Alpha Demo 136MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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