Blade Kitten: Episode 2 Krome Studios 2015

Episode 2 continues the story of Kit Ballard, Bounty Hunter, set three months after the original game's cliffhanger ending. Kit has been living with her once bounty/rival, Justice Kreel, and now seeks to unravel the mysterious threads of the Magasse and their involvement in the troubles on Hollow Wish. This $5 DLC has: 5 more levels in typical Blade Kitten style, with a bunch more collectables, two mini bosses and a final Boss battle; 3 new blades – unlock the power of the Darque Blade; 15 new unique costumes, 7 to unlock and a few you get just for buying the Episode; new achievements. To access the content you must complete the original game – it plays through (or hit "continue" on the main menu) from the end of Episode 1's last mission.
Download: None currently available

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