Gift Eko System / Cryo Interactive Entertainment 2000

You are Gift, a very unlikely hero, who resides in a video game plant somewhere in the aptly named Game Valley. A new game being created there is desperately in need of a protagonist to rescue a beautiful princess being held hostage. You accept the challenge and with your staff which can shoot enemies go into this platform game. You must navigate 10 levels and special rooms, picking up numerous items along the way and meeting characters from other games and films. You'll recognize the dwarves from Snow White, a Darth Vader's light sabre, Indiana Jones' whip, and a machine gun from Quake, among others, as you travel through the levels. You'll leap between moving platforms, avoid death rays, zap enemies, etc. The levels in this look good but some become boring. Some enemies have to be avoided and can only be killed by things like light so you must use good tactics. The music and sounds are a bit dull too.
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Level Demo ~12MB ( @
Full Demo ~56Mb (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo ~286MB (upped by zobraks)
Clone ISO Demo 352MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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