Crazy Steam Bros 2 Ars Creativa 2015

This is a classical horizontal shoot'em up inspired by the gameplay of old arcades. Anton and Dupont are brothers, inventors, and a little mad also. With the help of their landlady, Miss Lily, they must defeat the evil Baron and their hordes of moustached soldiers. Fly the "SteaMobile" trough five levels of steampunk action. Traverse cities, jungles, caves and more. Collect Power-Ups for your machine and defeat the bad tempered bosses before the tea time. Gameplay is easy. Just advance trough the levels and survive the battle against the stage's bosses. Eventually, Miss Lily will drop random powerups. Collect them for increased firepower. These powerups have a limited life, so use them sparingly. The different powerups are: Supershoot - Increased damage for the machinegun; Trishoot - The machinegun will shot in three directions at once; Air Mines - They will pursue the nearby enemies; Tesla Shield - A force field that will protect you against enemies shots; Rocket - A powerful weapon, but not much precise; Super Bomb - This bomb will release a pair of normal bombs after exploding; Tesla Cannon - An electro ray that will hit the nearby enemies without need to aim; Tesla Drones - You can collect up to two of them. They will protect you from the damage, and also shoot a laser ray. They can be damaged and destroyed by enemy fire.
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Level Demo 21MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Full Demo v1.1 26MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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