Hawk T.1A for DCS World VEAO Simulations / The Fighter Collection, Eagle Dynamics 2015

The Hawk first entered service with the RAF in 1976, both as an advanced flying-training aircraft and a weapons-training aircraft. The Hawk T1 version is currently used at RAF Valley for fast-jet pilot advanced flying training with No 208(R) Squadron, and at RAF Scampton by the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows. The T1A is used for weapons and tactical training on No 19(R) Squadron at RAF Valley, and by No 100 Squadron at RAF Leeming for advanced fast-jet weapons systems officer training and operational support-flying. In its weapons and tactical training role the Hawk is used to teach air combat, air-to-air firing, air-to-ground firing and low-flying techniques and operational procedures. The team at VEAO Simulations have carefully re-created every detail of the exterior and cockpit of the Hawk, with assistance from real life Hawk pilots and ground crew, to give you the virtual experience of sitting in the real jet. The Hawk cockpit is as realistic as sitting in the jet itself. Every switch is clickable, every dial has a function and every gauge reads exactly how the aircraft is performing. Tool-tips show when you hover over a switch or dial to help you learn the function of the cockpit. Each switch and dial can be mapped to keyboard, joystick or a HOTAS system. Full cockpit familiarization training missions are included to help you learn each function of the aircraft. It features: accurate and highly detailed 3D interactive cockpit featuring six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) technology compatible with head-tracking devices and Oculus Rift; accurate modelling of the Hawk HUD, instruments, gauges and dials; high fidelity accurate Advanced Systems Modelling (ASM) such as electrical, fuel, hydraulics, oxygen, pressurisation and air conditioning, temperature control, pitot-static, AHRS, lighting and weapons system modelled to detailed schematics; highly detailed Hawk external 3D model and liveries; fully interactive, comprehensive training missions make learning to fly the Hawk easier; armament includes: AIM-9M Sidewinders, bombs, practice bombs, rocket pods and gun pod; highly detailed damage model. Standard Flight Model (SFM) will be included in the download purchased.
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