Rocket Ranger Reloaded (cancelled) Cinemaware 2014

Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure video game. It's back with its unique blend of action sequences, strategic decision-making, and an exciting plot involving historical and science-fiction events. The game will be presented in an authentic atmosphere set in the world of the 1930/40s - all in high-definition stylized graphics with a new orchestral soundtrack and amazing sound effects. All of the game's action sequences will be vastly enhanced while staying true to the spirti of the original game. Among the original gameplay elements that will come back are: dogfighting sequences against a larger variety of enemies and scenarios; exciting shoot-outs at secret, expanded Nazi locations; boxing punch-outs against multiple enemy guards; strategic-decision making as you deploy and manage your secret agents; rocket and weapons research at the Fort Dix labs. It will also boost and expand it with tons of new content (locations, items, weapons, equipment, outfits, characters, vehicles, etc.), gameplay upgrades, brand-new action and story sequences, a deeper strategic component and several new characters that will truly come together to help fulfill the great vision of this unique game. An alpha demo was released but the game was never completed.
Alpha Level Demo 85MB (uploaded by MegaGames)

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