Wild Frontera Tamarin Studios 2015

This is a top-down action shooter set in a western-fantasy world. You are a lonesome gunslinger, that will have to get rid of hordes of enemies and defeat spectacular bosses in order to escape to the frontier. Armed with a rusty six-shooter that you can swap very quickly for new weapons, for a fistfull of dollars looted while playing the game. Ultra fast single-action revolvers. Long-range rifles with impressive damage. Or, if subtlety is not your forte, devastating shotguns : deadly in close quarter combat but leaving you with a very small margin of error. Fun, nervous and difficult, it offers non stop action, worthy of the best western movies, where every detail is a nod to the spaghetti genre. You will encounter stereotypical villains, outlaws, wild bloodthirsty animals and more. You'll travel across grasslands, the darkest forests, fields of bones, deserts, a gold mine and towns in order to escape this crazy country and discover why you are now the most wanted bandito in the wild west. It features: play solo or online co-op up to 4 players; 8 stages with 17 boss fights; mouse / keyboard and gamepad twin-stick support; procedurally generated weapons; online leaderboards for single player runs; challenging gameplay with fast respawn checkpoint system.
ISO Demo 295MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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