Grand Theft Auto 3 DMA Design, Rockstar / Take 2 2002

If the anarchist Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 played themselves from a bird's-eye view, the third game appears in a new garment, namely of the pursuer's perspective. Taken for a ride by your accomplice, you land in Liberty City's jail, but during the transportation in the prison of a coprisoner he escapes and you seize the opportunity to breathe also the air of freedom. You disappear and quickly find orders from different criminal's organizations. Liberty City is a town of special freedom. you position yourself before approaching cars which stop promptly and pull the driver from the vehicle and speed away. Luckily the townsfolk do not learn, because one can do this in the course of the game some hundred times. Also you can run down passers-by sometime (who get up now and then again, but from time to time also lie deadly still). Orders vary from errands up to mass murder (once one must kill 25 triad members on foot with a flamethrower). One cannot die - either one is arrested and gets free some hours later again or, one lands in the hospital (one loses merely the weapons and must begin the mission from the start but you can do this as often as one wants). Liberty city is an immense town and GTA 3 offers to the player a lot of possibilities to explore it. Some parked vehicles offer special missions, also vouchers lie around in many places (radios (Live), police stars (lowers the search level), drug packages (brings money) which are a matter of finding them first. One should also know shortcuts, they facilitate successful finishing of the missions which have very often time limits. If one is in the car on the way one can play different radio stations, also your own music pieces (in the MP3 format) can be played on your own transmitter. GTA 3 by its size and ability to create wealth for your character has for discovery-happy players a certain addictive potential. Things always new can be discovered and the story offers some astonishing pieces. Despite the fact that one also is more often driving in the game I have added it in our game list, even if the 3D shooter part is clearly less than 20% because the game is very worth playing.
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Environment Mod
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Full Demo ~130MB Movies Addon ~13MB Fixes ~4MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo ~705MB (upped by otiscrusher)
UK AlcoholClone 2CD ISO Demo 859MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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