Titei Senki / Strike Force Sprite / KT System 1996

2029, on the earth there is a hostile force to the human race. Manmade life-forms of all types have begun to rise up from deep underground. Humanity faces its greatest challenge in a unified artificial intelligence of our own making. We must unleash an untested new weapon, the "Heavy Doll" HD-01. It's a 2d action shooter with mechs. In each stage you need to destroy a certain number of stationary enemies in order to unlock the exit. You can switch between two weapons, and after several stages there is a boss and then you go to the next world. It feels much like an early SNES game, supports gamepads and fullscreen with smooth scrolling.
Shareware Game v.3.02 (Pass: TTI3721) 649kb (uploaded by Vector)
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Titei Senki & B-SYSTEM - Full Demos 633kb/612kb (uploaded by Supernova)
ISO Demo 10MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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