Gun Neversoft / Activision 2005

From the Tony Hawk developer comes this free-roaming third-person action-adventure based on Cormac McCarthy's seminal novel of Western plundering and pillaging (not to mention scalping) - Blood Meridian. The goal for Neversoft was simple: to recreate the Old West as accurately as possible and to drape an exciting, enthralling and violent freeform game over it. You play as Colton Wright, a block of a man with a suddenly complicated past. Our demonstration began with the game's opening scene where Colton's father is shot down and, before passing on in elaborate cowboy fashion, gives Colton a coin and tells him that he's not his real father and that he should go find a whore named Betty in Dodge City. There's plenty of sub-quests alongside the main story missions. You might find yourself raiding an opium den or helping the sheriff defend a stage coach, for example, or panhandling for gold, gambling for cash, or hunting anything from bison and coyotes to wolves, cougars and bears. As far as getting around goes you'll spend most of your time on horseback, but you can also ride stage coaches and trains and even sail in canoes. Weapons include your standard pistols, rifles and shotguns plus tomahawks, dynamite and bows and arrows - and there are novel ways to use them. Why not tie a stick of dynamite to an arrow, say, to deal your enemy a doubly violent death blow? There's lots of melee fighting to be done too, and expect plenty of broken bar stools, smashed saloon windows and an awful lot of blood and guts. The tomahawk comes in handy for scalping your enemies - and you can make a point of collecting the brainhats of everyone you meet, if you like. But for the most part you'll probably want to stick to your guns. Once you've taken down enough enemies, preferably with nice clean headshots, you can activate Quick Draw mode - this switches the perspective to first person and allows you to take out your enemies before they have time to reach for their holster.
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Full Demo ~282MB Ambient Addon ~185MB Cutscene Sound ~135MB Movie ~59MB Music ~162MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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3CD ISO Demo ~1.64GB (upped by Scaryfun)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.3 1.55GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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