Gun Warrior / Smokin' Guns NAWAR / Frontline Studios / Trend 2005

Gun Warrior is a fast-paced 3D Shooter game that takes place in the harsh and brutal world of the Wild West. In the course of your violent journey, you will encounter (and defeat) literally hundreds of enemies both on the road and in classic, high-noon-style duel shoot-outs. Gun Warrior is more than just a mission-based shooter. The additional game mode is the Gunfighter's Tournament where you can test your skills against the most feared gunmen of all the Wild West. You are, after all, one of them: The main player character is Cole Tilghman, whose name was feared or revered all over the Great Frontier of the Wild West era. The Unknown Gunfighter seeds death and destruction throughout the Wild West. Now he has gone one step too far he killed your brother in cold blood. It will be your task to eliminate this mysterious enemy and as many of his evil henchmen as you possibly can! Our hero Cole has only one trace a strange bullet casing found on the floor next to his dead brother. Nobody in town knows anything about this strange gunman and his unusual weapon: Cole will have to travel wide and far in order to seek out this gunman, and finally confront his arch-nemesis. However, the Unknown Gunfighter will not be easy to beat: At the end of the final mission, the player finds himself competing against his brother's murderer in the famous Wild Rock City Gunfighters' Tournament.
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Full Demo 183MB Cutscenes 98MB DIVX Movies 60MB Music 39MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Gun Warrior ISO Demo 666MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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