Sandstorm Pod Bay Enterprises / MVP Software, Personal Companion Software 1992

This game, set during the Gulf War, features a series of twenty missions in various Middle East locations. There are three mission types: Scud Defense, Jet Defense and Tomahawk Offensive. The defense-type missions are reminiscent of Missile Command - jets and missiles appear on the screen, and the player must defend cities on the ground by directing defensive fire with the mouse. In the Tomahawk Offensive missions, the situation is reversed - the player is given a target and must hit it by maneuvering a missile around defensive fire, launching it towards the ground as soon as it is lined up with its intended target. The Championship Version is an alternate version of the original Sand Storm. People who registered the shareware version of the original game had a choice to buy an expanded version of the game for an extra fee. It not only includes the original Scuds, Jets and Tomahawk scenarios, it also includes six new levels: Tanks! You must use your tank (located on the left) to destroy the enemy's armed transports (which are on the right side of the screen). Your goal is to destroy at least 50% of the trucks while evading all enemy fire from the transports. The game also included printed instructions and hints, and a free bonus game.
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Full Demo & The Championship Version - Full Demo 100kb/183kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
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Floppy Image ISO Demo v2.1 (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 223kb

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