Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Rise of Clans / Ex Machina: Meridian 113 Targem Studio / Buka Entertainment / Nival Interactive 2006

Rise of Clans is a standalone expansion for Hard Truck: Apocalypse that brings an additional single player campaign and a brand new multiplayer mode.
The single player game offers several hours of play, spread across five large new maps. It features the same mix of vehicular combat, trading and RPG elements as its parent game, but has a new storyline and a new main character. This time, you'll be playing as an opportunistic loner called 'Vagrant'. After ambushing a truck, he discovers a set of postcards that lead him on a quest to find the utopian sounding city of 'Edmonton'. Whereas HTA took place in Europe, this episode is set in America and Canada.
There are numerous tweaks to the single player gameplay, including more customization options for your vehicle's appearance. You also have a 'grace' (reputation) rating, that will affect how other people respond to you, and you can gain positive or negative 'perks' depending on how you play. These might lead to better prices in towns, or they might mean no-one will trust you with courier missions.
The multiplayer mode features deathmatch and team deathmatch, for up to 16 players, over Internet or LAN.
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ISO Demo 557MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Win7 64bit fix / Readme 99kb (uploaded by Trey)
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